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Our Expertise

This is just a small selection of our capability and expertise. To enquire about what other services we can offer your business please get in touch to find out how we can help you.
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Injection Moulding

Here at Wickford Mould and Tool Ltd we specialise in the manufacture of Injection moulded plastic components on a range of injection mould machines ranging in size from 22ton to 480ton. We cater for all customer requirements whether it be Tool Trials, Small batch moulding or full production.

Tool Making

Wickford Mould and Tool Ltd have over 100 years of combined tooling experience in manufacturing plastic injection mould tools for the Domestic, Automotive and medical industries. We can manufacture high quality multi cavity, Unscrewing and mould over tooling in either fully hardened inserts to pre toughened prototype tooling here in the UK at competitive prices and lead times.

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Tool Alterations & Repairs

Here at Wickford Mould and Tool we can offer a Mould tool repair or alteration service whether you need a tool inserted or Laser welded and remachined for damage or flash issues or alterations for fit or purpose we can assist and because we also have our on site mouldshop we are able to trial any modifications before returning your tool.

Tool Modifications Service & Repair.

Wickford Mould and Tool also offer,

Tool Service: Where we can check shut offs, Gas Vents, Ejection, Hot runner System ETC 


Tool Modification: Adding ribs, adjusting fits, Altering Part Markings ETC

Tool Repairs: Welding and re machining damage, Replacing broken pins and ejection, Repairing Hot Runner Systems, ETC

All carried out in our in-house tool room and if required trialed in our Mouldshop.

compression moulding with stainless inse
Compression Moulding

In addition to injection moulding we can also offer compression moulding.


This process takes a Thermo setting polyester reinforced resin dough hand loaded into the tool which is then compressed and heated to form a very stable moulding.

Post Moulding Operations

Wickford Mould and tool can also offer

a range of post moulding operations including:

  • Machining, Drilling and Turning of moulded parts.

  • Heat staking and Adding Threaded Inserts.

  • Ultrasonic Welding.

  • Sub Assembly work.

CAD/CAM Design

From concept to finished components.

We at Wickford Mould and Tool Ltd can assist from your ideas or concept to assessing existing model design.


We specialise in the design of plastic components especially for the injection moulding process and design of plastic injection mould tooling.


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